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And although one subscription might suit your tastes a little bit better than another, all of these memberships offer plenty of fantastic HD porn videos at unbeatable prices.

So, come find out which porn sites are actually worth paying for.


Passion-HD might very well be the best porn site on the internet in terms of high-definition video quality. It is regularly updated with hot scenes shot using the most high-tech 1080p HD cameras on the market, and many of their videos are so sharp that it’s easy to get caught up in the scenes and feel like you are really there.

Passion HD

Adding to the reality of the experience is the company’s refreshing dedication to make their videos intense in a more passionate way than the other top porn sites. While lots of porn companies have embraced some pretty raunchy sex videos that probably aren’t too easily relatable for anyone who isn’t a pornstar, Passion-HD tends to place a greater emphasis on the woman’s pleasure.

And since females tend to be the primary focus in most porn movies anyway, it seems logical that viewers would want to see them enjoy themselves to the fullest extent possible. As any wise man will tell you – when a woman is happy, everybody is happy.


BANG! (formerly known as VideosZ) is clearly one of the world’s top porn sites simply because of the incredible number of movies they offer. As a DVD download site, their main focus seems to be sourcing quality content from several studios in order to provide as many full length movies as possible. But although their content may not be exclusive, there’s certainly a whole lot of it.

Some recent changes to the site’s layout (in addition to a remarkably intuitive search tool) have made it very easy to quickly find what you’re looking for, too. And their targeted DVD recommendations (along with the ability for members to mark favorites and create playlists) just make everything that much better.

Bang porn trial

With over 11,000 pornstars starring in more than 14,000 full-length DVD’s and 85,000 different scenes, you can be sure BANG! has got you covered no matter what niche or fetish you are into.


Brazzers receives a whole lot of attention – and for good reason. As one of the most popular pay porn sites, Brazzers has become a bit of a pop culture icon and has even inspired internet memes.

Voted the Best Membership Website at this year’s AVN Awards, the Brazzers network boasts 2,000 pornstars featured in over 7,000 videos that are spread across approximately 30 different websites. Most content is available in various HD formats which allow you to find just the right balance between video quality and download speed. Plus, Brazzers is now setup to run directly on smart phones, tablets, and even PlayStation gaming consoles.

Brazzers Porn Site

While other porn sites have been trending towards reality-based content with an amateur feel, Brazzers seems to pride itself on its unusually high production quality. Each video is recorded and edited very professionally, and the company’s professionalism extends to the user-friendly layout of its sites.

It’s certainly not difficult to see why Brazzers continues to be one of the best pay porn sites. And if you click through our site right now, you can even subscribe at a special discounted rate.


Wicked Porn

You may be more familiar with  Wicked as a production company rather than a pay porn site. In fact, they have been making porn history since 1993 by producing over 500 award-winning movies and popularizing porn superstars such as Jenna Jameson. And finally, Wicked Pictures has decided to digitize their entire collection and offer all of their content to online members.

In addition to gaining access to a huge library of classic movies and behind the scenes footage, Wicked’s online porn subscription also features live hi-def cam shows, thousands of HD videos, and unlimited downloads.

Porn Site History

But although this is, indeed, a very good all-around porn membership site with lots of new HD content, the people who are most likely to pick this as their top porn site are probably nostalgic porn enthusiasts looking to easily expand to their collection of porn’s most notable movies throughout history.


The Bang Bros. are pay porn site pioneers and were among the first to combine plausible, reality-based sexual exploits using high production values while maintaining an amateurish feel.

Bang Bros Porn Site

The Bang Bus series instantly gained notoriety for these reasons, and new episodes are still being made today in which gorgeous women are essentially tricked into riding around in a van and then convinced to have sex for money (which they are rarely paid).

Bang Bus Membership

But there is a lot more to the Bang Bros. network than just Bang Bus. Including such websites as Ass Parade, Big Tits Round Asses, Monsters Of Cock and Fuck Team Five, there are a total of 29 original websites accounting for over 2,000 girls in over 6,000 high definition movies. And when you become a member, you can download every single one of them.


When you sign up with the Reality Kings network, you get access to a ton of popular porn sites including Milf Hunter, Cum Fiesta, We Live Together, Money Talks, and many more. The sites are updated weekly and provide tons of reality-based material. This network’s major claim to fame is that most of the videos feature random women that seem to need a bit of convincing before agreeing to fuck on film. If you want to see impressionable girls experience new things in front of high-quality cameras, this is the porn membership for you!

Reality Kings Porn Network

Dare Dorm is just one of the many sites that reflects the unique style embodied by the Reality Kings network. Here you will find tons of content featuring real college girls getting out of control in their dorm rooms.

Dare Dorm Porn Site


Punk, alt, goth, emo, scene, hipster, pin-up, etc. Call it what you want, but if you’re into girls with prominent tattoos, aggressive piercings, wild makeup and/or crazy hair, then Burning Angel is the obvious porn site for you.

These girls have the incredible bodies and sexual appetites of regular pornstars but come from a culture with a very different take on beauty. They tend to embrace the “Live fast, Die young” mentality and generally seem to be more aggressive with just about everything they do. So don’t be too surprised to see a little extra ass-slapping, hair-pulling and neck-choking while these unique beauties rebel against society and do whatever they damn well please.

Burning Angel Membership

All you need to do is to take one look at the girls on this site, and you’ll immediately know whether or not it’s for you. Despite the perks of frequent live shows and unlimited downloads, there are still plenty of sites with a wider selection and variety of content. But if these are the types of girls you lust for, then no site can even begin to give you what Burning Angel can.


Mofos contains a bunch of great sites like Let’s Try Anal and Real Slut Party that are updated very frequently. Not only will you find a ton of high quality videos that you won’t see anywhere else, but the Mofos network literally has over half a billion high quality photos as well. And to prove they are one of the best pay porn sites, they even offer two-day trial subscriptions for only a dollar. There’s really no excuse not to give it a whirl.

Mofos Porn Site


I Know That Girl is just one of the great sites you’ll get inside the Mofos network. As the name suggests, you really do get the feeling that at any moment you could stumble upon a random video or picture set of some girl you’ve met before. The site boasts that almost all of their material is sourced directly from users. So, who knows? Maybe you’ll get to see what it would actually be like to fuck that girl you’ve always fantasized about.

Amateur Porn Sites


If you are only interested in skipping straight to the middle of hardcore sex scenes without any concern for things like plot, music, drama, set & costume design, or actual special effects, then this is definitely not the best pay porn site for you. But if you want to see what it would look like if porn movies were filmed with the same production qualities found in “normal movies,” then Digital Playground is the best pay porn site you will ever find.

Over the last 20 years, Digital Playground has released some of the most ambitious big-budget Hollywood-type films in the adult industry. With hundreds of awards for their incredibly high-quality pornographic movies, they routinely exceed the expectations set by the other paid porn sites (which tend to focus almost entirely upon sex at the expense of nearly everything else). And with multiple productions that cost over a million dollars to make, it is easy to see that the people at Digital Playground take their jobs VERY seriously.

Digital Playground

In fact, unlike other paid porn sites, Digital Playground takes pride in creating content that keeps viewers actively engaged throughout the entire film rather than simply “filling up the middle parts” with flimsy material that is obviously a distant afterthought and generally embarrassing to watch. So even if you don’t have the time to watch a whole movie from start to finish, it’s still fun to pause it and come back later to see what happens (and, of course, who has sex with each other).

So although other paid porn sites may offer more random scenes to choose from, Digital Playground entertains in a way that none of the others can. By producing proper films that incorporate plot twists, genuinely impressive special effects, real explosions, and other things you’d never expect to see in an adult film, Digital Playground is easily the best pay porn site for anybody who wants a reason to care about who is fucking whom and why.


If you want access to a whole ton of great pay porn sites for the cost of one membership, then look no further than All Pornsites Pass. This network consists of over a hundred individual porn sites, and they are all included with your subscription when you register with any one of them.

Considering how much content you get with All Pornsites Pass, it is difficult to imagine getting any more value from a pay porn membership. At last count, they carried somewhere around 30,000 porn scenes, and they are continuing to add more every single day. With those kinds of numbers, this membership would be a good deal even if you had absolutely no interest in half of the sites they’ve got. But if you want to take a look first, you can check out all their sites before signing up. Several of them are rather specific to certain fetishes, but there is plenty of mainstream content to choose from as well.

Pay Porn Sites

All Porn Sites Pass gives you unrestricted access to download any of their videos or photo-sets. And if you want to see some live action instead, your pass will also allow you to check out some live cam shows where you can chat with some hot and horny girls while they do all sorts of fun and sexy stuff.

In conclusion, the amount of content and features included with a subscription to All Pornsites Pass make this value tough to beat.


Naughty America offers a nice range of material that spreads across more than 40 different sites and showcases several prominent porn stars such as Lexi Belle, Faye Reagan, and Lisa Ann. Many of the videos featured throughout this network are fantasy-based, but they cover a wide variety of scenarios including (but not limited to) school, office, athletic and even political-based settings. This site is especially well-suited for the type of guy who wants his porn to provide a little extra amusement and entertainment beyond its pure sexuality.

Best Pay Porn

One example of Naughty America’s dedication to porn fantasies is Naughty Bookworms. This site features countless scenarios where students and teachers end up having sex in school. As you might imagine, that means you’ll find tons of perky young girls wearing skirts and glasses getting fucked on desks and in front of chalkboards.

Pay Porn Review

And if you are lucky enough to have an exceptionally high-resolution TV and a fast internet connection, then you’ll be happy to know that Naughty America is at the forefront of HD technology. In fact, they have recently committed hundreds of thousands of dollars to begin filming all their content in the new UHD 4K (Ultra-HD with 4,000-pixel horizontal resolution) video format. Of course, most people won’t be able to take full advantage of this cutting-edge technology, but Naughty America’s introduction of UHD 4K porn videos certainly shows its dedication to staying on top and providing the best content it possibly can.


If you happen to be looking for a porn membership with a bit more class, Playboy Plus is probably your best bet. It is significantly different than most other pay porn sites in that Playboy maintains a much stronger commitment to sensual beauty than hardcore action.

And although the company’s online membership does include some more hardcore components such as the scandalous reality shows and penetrative pornographic parodies offered in their section, most subscribers will probably be more interested in the areas portraying sexy celebrities, exclusive TV shows, behind the scenes footage, and (of course) tons of amazing photographs featuring the world’s most desirable women. You can even get online access to every Playboy magazine ever made!

Playboy Plus Membership

While the majority of Playboy’s content is fairly softcore compared to other adult websites, there is no question that their playmates simply ooze sexuality. And Playboy’s photographers and editors know precisely how to orchestrate the perfect poses in the most titillating scenes to show you why Playboy is still the household name that helped spark a multi-billion dollar industry.